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About the Owners

The owners are Katrin Lesser, a garden and landscape architect specialized in garden monument sites (, and Ben Buschfeld, a graphic designer specialized in cultural and contemporary history ( or English CV on Linkedin).

Katrin frequently acts as garden monument expert for the Federal Authority of Monument Affairs and also wrote the scientific expertise for all green an public spaces around. Besides that, she is the great-granddaughter of Ludwig Lesser, Berlins first self-employed garden garden architect who (among other projects) also joined forces with Bruno Taut and designed the "Gartenstadt Falkenberg".
Ben is responsible for developing the content of the museum in the central compound. He is one of the most active facilitators in the promotion of the UNESCO-World heritage "Berlin Modernism Housing estates", acts as a member of the Deutsche Werkbund Berlin and published a book about Bruno Tauts Hufeisensiedlung recently.

For over 17 years they’ve lived at the Horseshoe Estate at an address less than 100 m, as the crow flies, from Taut’s Home. Both were among the initiators of non-profit organization "Friends and Supporters of the Berlin-Britz Horseshoe Estate" founded in 2007 and are committed to preserving local heritage properties, hold speeches and were instrumental in the realization of For the realization of Taut´s Home and other projects they received the Berlin Monument Award and the "European Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Award".

Guided tours

Katrin and Ben also lead regular guided tours of English or German speaking groups through the development. If you are staying at Taut´s Home, we offer a guided walk (1-2 hours) for a special rate of just €+50. Feel free to contact us for a booking. We might also recommend partners for tours to other architectural highlights of Berlin. If you are not a guest at Taut´s Home, please note that a guided tour through the estate does not include a visit of the house.


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Ben Buschfeld, Katrin Lesser


Our sponsors paid for all the wall and ceiling paints. To Mr. Fock and the Keimfarben company, we owe special thanks for this assistance. Our gratitude also to Winfried Brenne and Manfred Hoffmann from Brenne Architects for technical building advice, and to Erik-Jan Ouwekerk for the free use of three interior photos in our printed leaflet. An additional special thanks goes out to our many friends, relatives and neighbors for their advice, assistance, encouragement or donations of various materials. Last not least, thanks to Jeremy Gray for translating this site to proper English.


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