Rentable museum apartment and accommodation for architecture lovers

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Bruno Taut’s Hufeisensiedlung is probably the most outstanding example of innovative German town planning during the 1920s. "Hufeisen" is the German term for horseshoe, which describes the shape of the impressively curved structure – surrounded by idyllic townhouses and embedded in a suburb that feels urban and rural at the same time. Closely linked to the heart of vibrant Berlin, this famous development from the Bauhaus era combines a unique architectural style with the social ideal of a terraced garden home for everyone. Strolling through lush greenery you discover various types of residential houses and architectural details of Berlin’s most recent addition to the UNESCO World Heritage list. Since May 2012 design enthusiasts can realize how high living standards are behind these colorful facades. Our "rentable museum" is completely restored, colored and furnished in the style of the 1920s and shows a great passion for vintage interior design and historic details. In 2013 we received the renowed European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage - and even more important: our guests love it: Welcome to Taut’s Home!


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