Rentable Museum, Standard and Authenticity

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Is Taut’s Home really a museum, you might ask? Yes it is, but with a groundbreaking new concept reflecting that architecture and design needs to be used. We believe that you can't really evaluate a piece of design just by looking at it. And our interior design standards are as high as in a museum, too: All furnishings are either hand-picked originals and restored true to the era, or made to measure from vintage 1920s models. But unlike an ordinary architectural exhibition Taut's Home isn't designed just to be looked at, but lived in. Where modern technology is needed it's worked seamlessly into the fittings, so that - although following strict conservation practice - no-one need go without cozy heating, a good strong shower or a WiFi connection in the garden. During restoration all interior paints were carefully examined and documented down to the exact grades of color. Although a modern heating system was installed later, the house retains all three of its vintage tiled heating stoves as well as all original door and window handles. In the kitchen, the "Steinholz" flooring (magnesite – a material common during the 1920s that was used in Dessau’s Bauhaus buildings too) was recast in keeping with traditional methods.

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