What is the meaning of the German name "Tautes Heim"?

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There is a common German saying that goes "Trautes Heim – Glück allein". There is no literal equivalent in anglo-american culture, but you might compare it with "Home Sweet Home" identifying familiar and nicely kept surroundings as the source of true happiness. The German name "Tautes Heim" is a kind of play on this traditional saying, but we left out the "r" to make it fit to the architects name. And there is also another reference that proves the importance of Bruno Taut in terms of design education during the 1920s:
In one of his books, "Die Neue Wohnung" (The New Flat), he illustrated, how interiors and furniture can be improved simply by abolishing too much decor. This publication must have been quite frequent among hipsters and design enthusiasts of his time, since the term "to taut" one´s flat soon established among the scene. Being specifically related to interior design, this expression offers a viable alternative to other popular guiding themes from the Bauhaus era like i.e. "less is more" or "form follows function". If you like to learn more about the visionary role of Bruno Taut, we recommend you experience time traveling yourself and just come here. And to prepare your visit mentally, you might also have a look at "Bruno Tauts Hufeisensiedlung", a bilingual architectural guide book we published recently.

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